How to use McAfee Security Scan Plus on your computer

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a security auxiliary tool for your computer. The resource. available in McAfee Internet Security package, scans your system and an accurate diagnosis of the status of your machine. The utility analyzes whether there are any anti-virus software installed, the firewall protection is working properly and check the web security status. Its installation takes place in just one click and does not affect computer performance.

Mcafee Security

mirabolantes passwords are not always safer, teaches McAfee

McAfee Security Scan Plus is an updated version of McAfee Security Scan. In the update, won four security status: “Your computer is at risk“; “No problems found“; “Your computer is protected” and “Problems encountered“.

The status “Your computer is at risk” indicates that it has not found any installed antivirus or firewall protection. In “No problems found” means that there is an antivirus installed, but it is not from McAfee. In “Your computer is protected”, you use a McAfee security solution. And the indicator “Problems encountered” signals that has a virus infecting your system.

Free Download

Install McAfee Security Scan Plus

Step 1. Access McAfee Internet Security and download the installer, it’s the Scan Plus feature. Its installation takes place in just one click, without complications;

Step 2. Open the program and, on the home screen, see the “Status” are marked as “Unknown”. This is why you have not made any scanning. To do this, click the “Scan” button;

Step 3. The scan only takes a few minutes. The status bar tells you what type of check is being done in real time, along with the percent complete;

Step 4. After the scan, you will see the security status of your computer. The software shows the status of the four items: Virus and Spyware Protection, Firewall Protection, McAfee Web Protection and threat detection. When any of these status is “OK”, you will see a green ticket to the “On” name. Otherwise, you will see a red exclamation point with the warning “not found”.

In our case, there was no Web protection developed by McAfee. This is a security browser plugin. Simply access the company’s website and download the plugin. The same for all other items, McAfee Security Scan Plus always informed about what should be done to make your computer more secure.


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