Women In Cybersecurity

Women in cybersecurity

Many firms are working hard to even-up gender disparity within their fields – and with good reason. Not only do companies with a more diverse workforce offer a more obvious level playing field for new recruits; studies have found that diverse workplaces are more profitable, productive and have greater levels customer satisfaction.

These findings make it all the more concerning for the information security industry, in which only 11% of positions in the global cybersecurity workforce are occupied by women.

Enterprise and government efforts to attract and retain more women in the global cybersecurity profession have not made a meaningful impact.

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Worry about yourself when it comes to cybersecurity, says federal security official


Russian programmers meddled with the U.S. presidential decision, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has entrusted a bureau serve with guaranteeing nothing comparable occurs in Canada – however it’s not governments who ought to be most worried about security on the web, it’s people, says Scott Jones, who is entrusted with protecting the government’s systems.

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Europol and Global Cyber Alliance team up to fight cyber-crime

Europol and the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) have marked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to coordinate on diminishing systemic digital hazard and enhancing web security all through Europe and past.

As a major aspect of the MoU, Europol and GCA will battle digital wrongdoing through the trading of data on digital wrongdoing patterns and joint universal ventures to increment digital security.

To this end, the two associations will accomplice to offer best practice proposals that help associations secure their systems and areas through the Internet Immunity extend.

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What does Cybercriminal mean?

Well described about Cyber Criminals. And Why cybercriminals target patient data @ http://wwwnortoncomsetup.com/blog/cybercriminals-target-patient-data/



A cybercriminal is a person who commits cybercrimes, wherever he/she makes use of the PC either as a tool or as a target or as both. Before the web, criminals had to dig through people’s trash or intercept their mail to steal their personal data. Currently that each one of this data is out there on-line, criminals additionally use the web to steal people’s identities, hack into their accounts, trick them into revealing the knowledge, or infect their devices with malware.

Cybercriminals use computers in 3 broad ways:

Select PC as their target: These criminals attack different people’s computers to perform malicious activities, like spreading viruses, data theft, fraud, etc.
Uses PC as their weapon: They use the PC to hold out “conventional crime”, like spam, fraud, contraband gambling, etc.
Uses PC as their accessory: They use the PC to save lots of taken or contraband knowledge.

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